Personal Training

1 on 1

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Personal Attention

1 on 1 training allows the personal trainer to offer corrections and appropriate modifications and progressions.


Tailor your workout to fit your goals. Trainers can notice your strengths & weakness to make an custom plan to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching & Advice

Learn about health, fitness and your body. Get advice on how jump start your dieting plan, increase your overall mental health and most importantly how to make lifestyle changes.

Personal Training

Allows for 1 on 1 sessions with you and a trainer. Working with a trainer can help you reach your fitness goals quicker and safer. It will help you be able to better track your progress and execute healthy lifestyle changes.  

Coming into the gym can be intimidating for knowing what to do, or maybe you know what to do but your progress has plateaued. Maybe you look up your workout on instagram or youtube! But not everything you see on social media should be replicated - sometimes the exercise is done incorrectly, or just not a good fit for your fitness goals. Whatever your reason is, a trainer is here to help you!

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Learn proper form and how to operate machinery correctly, preventing injury.


You will learn about health, fitness, and your body. Your trainer will listen to your concerns and goals, and adjust your work out plan accordingly.


Your workout will be custom tailored to your fitness level, goals, and needs- allowing for a successful program with actual results.


You’ve heard the saying: abs are made in the kitchen! How frustrating when you seem to be eating right and working out but not seeing the results! Working with a trainer will allow someone to help you create the correct diet plan.

Mental Health

Exercise increases blood circulation to the brain, helping reduce stress and improve mood and cognitive function overall. Working with a trainer consistently will help you reap these benefits.


Your personal trainer will be on your side of the ring. They will be there for you when you want to learn how to do a squat, if you stray away from your plan, and how to get back on track. You will undoubtedly make a friend that is there to HELP and SUPPORT you and your goals.


Change takes time and a personal trainer will hold you accountable to that change and your lifestyle transformation. Your lifestyle change can help you live longer, be physically and mentally stronger,and help you overcome everyday challenges better.

Joubert Caston owner of Sausalito Fitness Club

Personal Training

Invest in yourself today!

A personal trainer is so much more than just a trainer. They are a support system that will help educate you, hold you accountable, and create a personalized plan of attack. So you may find that a personal trainer is well worth the investment.

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